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When you are considering installing a privacy fence in your yard, there are three main points to consider:
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Cost

Privacy fences are most commonly constructed out of PVC vinyl or cedar wood. Below, we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of cedar wood and vinyl for privacy fencing.
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Cedar is one of the strongest and most durable types of wood available. It naturally resists rot and repels insects. A properly installed cedar wood fence can take a beating from strong winds, bright sunlight, heavy rains, and snow. It can also insulate against sound. Cedar wood privacy fence pickets and posts can be replaced easily without having to remove an entire panel.

Vinyl, on the other hand, can also withstand insects, mold, and decay, but it can be sensitive to temperature extremes. Intensely hot or cold weather can cause vinyl to bend, expand, or become brittle. Strong winds can bend or twist vinyl and cause a need for repair. Unlike with a cedar wood fence, you cannot remove a single picket or post for repair. Instead, vinyl fence replacement pickets come in sections or panels which have to be removed entirely to make repairs, which can be expensive. 
Privacy Fencing Materials in Boise, ID
Privacy Fencing Materials in Boise, ID


For the majority of business and homeowners, the cost to install a privacy fence is the number one factor in deciding between a vinyl or cedar wood fence. Cedar wood fencing is less expensive and has many of the benefits of a vinyl privacy fence. Vinyl fencing costs more, but some brands come with certain warranties. Some HOAs require specific fencing materials to be used on all properties in a neighborhood or subdivision.
Cedar wood privacy fence in Meridian Idaho
Cedar wood privacy fence in Meridian Idaho


A cedar wood privacy fence is low-maintenance. Cedar does not need to be stained or painted for the wood to be protected, and it does not warp or shrink. It is reddish in color, but can be stained or painted for a custom appearance. The bottoms of the wood posts can be damaged by lawn mowers and weed whackers, which can be unattractive. Adding a Post Collar - a protective collar for fence posts – to the bottom of your fence posts protects against damage and keeps your fence practically maintenance-free. An occasional cleaning with a pressure washer is all you’ll really need.

A vinyl fence is also low-maintenance. Over time, dirt can build up, so occasional pressure washing will keep it looking good. If vinyl fences are located in humid or rainy areas, or near yard sprinklers, mildew can become a problem. Mildew is easy to remove, but needs to be done quickly to avoid becoming stained. Vinyl fence posts can also be covered with Post Collars to prevent damage from lawn maintenance equipment.

At Western Fence and Landscape Supply in Caldwell, you can buy cedar and custom vinyl fence materials at the best prices

Some of our privacy fencing options include:
  • 4, 6, 7 ft, 8, 10- and 12-foot tall privacy fences and gates
  • 6x8 solid vinyl fencing
  • A variety of color combinations
Solid Privacy in Meridian Idaho

Solid Privacy

Privacy with Picket | Western Fence Landscape

Privacy with Picket

Privacy with Lattice | Western Fence Landscape in Nampa Idaho

Privacy with Lattice

Vinyl Colors & Woodgrains

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Western Fence and Landscape Supply in Kuna Idaho
Western Fence and Landscape Supply in Kuna Idaho

Western Fence and Landscape Supply is one of the cheapest places to buy cedar and plastic vinyl privacy fence materials in the Boise and Nampa areas.

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